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Organizations in Cartwright-Roblin

Cartwright United Church - 495 Curwen St. - 
Cartwright United Church
Christ Church Anglican - 505 Curwen St. - Contact:  Jill (People's Warden) at 529-2071, Sally (Vicar's Warden) at 529-2367, Pat (Treasurer/Secretary) at 529-2407 or Betty(Chair of the Restoration Committee) at 529-2497
Church Of God In Christ Mennonite - SE 12-2-15W - Tel.: (204)529-2445
Evangelical Christian Church - SE 12-2-15W - Tel.: (204)529 2445
Community Groups: 
Cartwright Hall Board - a group of Volunteers who keep the Cartwright Hall up to date on repairs, plan fundraisers for the Hall and report back to the CRM.
Mather Events - a group of Volunteers who plan Mather Festival every Fall and other Fun events located in Mather. 
Mather Hall Board - a group of Volunteers overseeing the Mather Hall and planning its fundraisers, repairs and upkeep. Board reports to CRM.
Ponderosa Days - a group of Volunteers who plan and organize Cartwright's annual Ponderosa Days every August long weekend.
Reflection Park Committee - a group of volunteers who work on keeping the Reflection Park located in Cartwright, MB clean and beautiful.
School Organizations:
Cartwright School Parent Advisory Council - meets every second Tuesday of the month at Cartwright School.
CCIS - Cartwright Community Independent School - meets every second Tuesday of the Month at Cartwright School.
Cartwright-Mather Health Auxiliary - Contact Carolyn Schram or Mary Livingstone