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55+ 4-plex

55+ 4-plex

Guided by the public strategic planning session on November 23, 2021, Cartwright-Roblin Community Development Corporation (CDC) recognized that there is a shortage of housing in the municipality as well as a shortage of senior focused assistance.

 The strategic planning session was based on feedback of residents from the municipality of Cartwright-Roblin and the communities of Cartwright and Mather.

 Through the planning session, the CDC determined that a number of people currently living in houses within the municipality , may be looking to downsize in the upcoming years. To that end the CDC had established a Taskforce committee to assess the feasibility, thoughts and needs of the community in regards to senior-focused housing. The Taskforce drew up a questionnaire which was distributed via mail to Cartwright-Roblin Municipality residents. The questionnaire targeted residents in the 50+ range to gather information to get a picture on what is needed for senior housing within the area. With on this information, the taskforce met to discuss the outcome and develop the plan to build a 4-plex for 55 + residents designed with the possibility of growing to a more senior focused housing in the future.

Since the Cartwright-Roblin Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization, the apartments will offer a  life lease with a monthly rent including services such as lawn care and snow removal.



Cartwright-Roblin Community Development Corporation is looking for interested life-lease tenants. If interested or if you would like more information, please contact the CDC office.