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Our Mission

The Mission Statement of the CDC

The mission of the Roblin-Cartwright Community Development Corporation is to maintain and grow our community by working collaboratively to increase economic activity and promote our community.

The CDC Board of Directors are members of the local community - a representative from Municipal Council, a representative from Cartwright School, a representative from the LUD of Mather and residents from various sectors of our community. The current board members are as follows:

Chair - Vince Haight (Member at Large - Rural East?)
Vice-Chair - Tom Mowbray (Member at Large - Rural West)
Treasurer - Sherry Mullin (Member at Large - Rural East)
Council Appointee - Jamie Dousselaere, 
Cartwright School Appointee - ?
LUD of Mather Appointee - Adam Harms
Member at Large - Cartwright - Robert Sveinson
Member at Large - Cartwright - vacant
Member at Large - Rural West - Tiffanny Redpath (?)


The CDC is involved in many aspects of life in our community. We play a large role in the annual Ponderosa Days celebration held each year on August Long Weekend as well as the Sports Day in Cartwright held every November and the Mather Fall Festival held every September/October. The CDC also administers a Community Loan Program, intended to help small businesses (or local organizations) in our community get started or expand their operations. We also offer Settlement Services in conjunction with Westman Immigration services in Brandon, which offers settlement support to any Permanent Residents located in Cartwright, Killarney and Boissevain.