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Cartwright and Area Foundation Inc.

Cartwright and Area Foundation


A way to say "Thanks" for the past...and share in our future.


The Cartwright and Area Foundation was established under the sponsorship of the Village of Cartwright and the Cartwright Kinsmen Club and was granted corporate status in 1981.

The first grants were disbursed in 1983, totaling $116.54.

In 2022 Cartwright and Area Foundation disbursed $38,973.25.

The foundation is overseen by a board of seven volunteer individuals:


  • Chairperson: Carolyn Schram
  • Treasurer: Maggie Hayward
  • Secretary: Vicki Wallace
  • Director: Drew Haight
  • Director: Tom Mowbray
  • Director: Kim Clark
  • Director: Denise Wallace

Donations can be sent to:

Cartwright and Area Foundation c/o Maggie Hayward, Box 249, Cartwright, MB, R0K 0L0

Go to https://www.facebook.com/cartwrightfoundation/ for for news and projects Cartwright and Area Foundation has supported. 


Cartwright and Are Foundation board meets 3-4 times a year, depending upon need. Usually meetings are held in May to assess grant applications and October, the foundations annual meeting which is open to the public.

Cartwright and Area Foundation board will also meet once a year with the Endow MB Team to discuss foundation growth and sustainability.

The mandate of the Cartwright and Area Foundation is to oversee the investment of funds with the Winnipeg Foundation and grant interest from the funds to community groups.

Cartwright and Area Foundation is a member of the Canadian Foundation and the board is accountable and legally responsible for the foundation. The Foundation board establishes procedures, adheres to policies, sets budgets, and ensures funds are in place for grants. 

The Cartwright and Area Foundation Board promotes the Foundation, encourages donations, participates in the Endow MB Giving Challenge, and share Foundation updates with the public. 

The Financial statement is shared with the public every year and books are audited annually.