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Meet our Board

Vince Haight, Representative of Cartwright, Chair 

Vince Haight joined the CDC Board YEAR as representative for DIVISION and became Chair in YEAR. He is a retired JOB and moved back to Cartwright in YEAR. He has a strong vision for this municipality and is dedicated to help make this community strong and grow.

Thomas Mowbray, Representative of Rural West, Vice Chair

Tom Mowbray has lots of experience and a life long dedication to this community. Over the years he has been involved in many various projects; helping the community grown and supporting growth. Thomas has been involved with CCIS and joined the Board in YEAR as Cartwright School Appointee. He became Vice Chair in YEAR. He is currently farming with his son and will never retire. 

Sherry Mullin, Representative of Rural East, Treasury 

Sherry Mullin joined the board in YEAR and brings much experience with her in finances and farming. She is a retired Loans Officer and is currently farming with her husband and family. Sherry is dedicated to help this community grow and do well. 

Sally Calcott, Representative of Rural West

Tiffany Redpath, Representative of Rural East

Adam Harms, LUD of Mather Appointee

Jamie Dousselaere, Council Appointee

Robert Sveinson, Council Appointee





Chair - Vince Haight (Member at Large - Rural East?)
Vice-Chair - Tom Mowbray (Member at Large - Rural West)
Treasurer - Sherry Mullin (Member at Large - Rural East)
Council Appointee - Jamie Dousselaere, 
Cartwright School Appointee - ?
LUD of Mather Appointee - Adam Harms
Member at Large - Cartwright - Robert Sveinson
Member at Large - Cartwright - vacant
Member at Large - Rural West - Tiffanny Redpath (?)